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Most people who instinctively rub their muscles are sore or tense probably have no idea that they are employing a venerable holistic healing method called self-massage. And they are also probably unaware that self-massage can do more than alleviate aches and pains. If you are in good health, the use of self-massage on a routine basis is an excellent way to prevent disease. If you are sick, self-massage can initiate and sustain the healing process. A primary benefit of this technique is that it can be combined with other healing methods to enhance their effectiveness. performed slowly and carefully, self-massage relaxes the body, improves circulation and helps reduce swelling. Performed quickly, it lessens fatigue and revitalizes the body. Use your hands or a massage belt or glove to give yourself a massage.

An Invigorating Self Massage

Massage can be stimulating as well as relaxing. To help reduce fatigue, try a self massage

Using a loofah mitt or other glove made from natural fibers. Begin with yours legs and gently brush your skin in a circular motion. Work upward and in toward your heart. This massage should be performed first thing in the morning in a well-ventilated room or near an open window.

Self Massage

The Treatment: Begin each massage by gently stroking the skin. Then, either using one or both hands, start rubbing your muscles. When using two hands, move them together or alternate between them. In general work with strokes toward the heart. Allow 20 Minutes for the massage. When using a massage belt, start at the upper body and work downward.

The effects
Massage stimulates blood flow, thereby relaxing tense muscles and relieving pain. It may sprain, by bringing fresh oxygen to the affected tissues. Depending on the technique applied, self-massage can relax or stimulate the body, harmonize the nervous system and instill a greater sense of overall well-being.

The correct position 
Relax and lie down, sit in a comfortable chair that provides you with back and neck support. Massage one body area at a time.

Take Care : Look carefully at your skin before beginning the massage. In areas where the skin is red or painful, massage outward, being careful not to apply too much pressure. Pale areas should be stimulated with energetic massage.

Self-massage is a proven remedy for fatigue, insomnia, muscle tension, muscle weakness, joint pain, circulatory disorders and skin problems.

Self-Massage Techniques

  • Rubbing
    To stimulate circulation and release muscle tension, rub your muscles in circular motions with your hands or fingers.
  • Kneading
    Using a little warm natural vegetable oil as lubricant, knead your muscles as if you were working with bread dough.
  • Vibrating
    Use rhythmic knocking or light slapping, preferably with flat hands, to improve blood circulation and relax muscles.
  • Final strokes
    End every massage with gentle strokes, slowly moving outward.

Facial Massage

  1. Using the pads of your fingers, apply massage oil to the areas of your face in the following order: forehead, temples, nose, cheeks, chin and ears. Start from the centre of each area and slowly move outward.
  2. Place your middle and index fingers between your nose and upper lip; move in circular motions around your mouth.
  3. Place the tips of your index, middle and ring fingers close together on your forehead and rub outward toward your temples, making circular motions and applying gentle pressure.
  4. Next, move in circular motions from your nose area across your cheekbones toward your ears. Move down to the hinge of your jaw, then to your lower jaw.
  5. To finish the massage lightly tap your entire face with your index and middle fingers of both hands, moving from the centre of your face outward.