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Since ancient times, the rose has inspired reverence and wonder; the blossom has been called the queen of flowers. Its not surprising then that rose-otto oil was probably the first flower essence ever distilled. Its sensuous and infatuating aroma and rich bouquet of ingredients give rose-otto oil a broad array of healing properties. The oil fights many bacteria and viruses, promotes the healing of wounds and reduces inflammation. Today the finest rose-Otto oil comes from Bulgaria, and its production is a very tedious process. As a result, rose-otto oil is one of the most costly. About 30 flowers, picked by hand in the morning are needed to make one drop of the oil. In fact, more than two tons of roses must be distilled to make a single pound of rose-otto oil.

For harmony and well being

2 drops of rose-otto oil
2 drops of sandalwood oil
1 drop of neroli oil
2 drops of rose-otto oil
1 drop of lavender oil

Place these calming blends of essential oils in a simmer pot to ease worries and regain inner balance.

Therapeutic Effect
The chemical composition of rose-otto oil is extremely complex. It actually contains more than 400 known ingredients. The active agents have germicidal, wound healing, anti inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. Rose-otto oil also contains the nerves and helps lift depression.

Promoting Well being
Because of its calming effects, rose-otto oil is ideal for promoting feelings of security in people. It is even safe to use with babies.

Cleansing the skin
Rose water, a by product of rose-otto oil distillation, clears the skin of impurities. It may help to treat or prevent acne.

Aiding menstrual complaints
Because rose-otto oil helps to regulate levels of some female hormones, it may help regulate irregular menstrual periods. It may also help to improve uterine muscle tone.

Calming the nerves
Rose-otto oil exerts a soothing effect on the entire nervous system. It can be used to treat many psychological conditions, including anxiety, stress and depression.

Healing wounds
Diluted rose otto oil can also be applied to irritated areas of the skin. This oil works particularly well as a treatment for shingles.

Arousing passion
The intoxicating aroma of rose-otto oil makes it an effective aphrodisiac. Rose-otto oil exerts its effects on both mind and body. It acts to both relieve stress and relax the spirit.

Extra Tip : Store rose-otto oil in a dark, tinted glass bottle away from light in a place where the temperature does not fluctuate a lot. Open the bottle as infrequently as possible to retain potency.

Used to ease childbirth and to treat irregular menstruation, headaches, fever, insomnia, skin inflammations, depression, anxiety, sadness and grief.

Take care : Avoid rose-otto essential oil during pregnancy because its muscle relaxing effects could induce premature labor. These same properties, however, make the essential oil useful for relieving labor pains and easing the birthing process.


External use

  • For a soothing skin oil, add 4 drops of rose-otto oil to 7 tbsp. of a base oil, such as jojoba oil.
  • For a relaxing bath, mix 3 drops of rose-otto oil in 3 ½ tbsp. of heavy cream and add to the bathwater. For a truly sensuous scent, add a few drops of sandalwood oil. For a sweeter smell, add a few drops of jasmine essential oil.
  • Rose water helps revitalize your skin and mood. To make your own rose water, blend 2 drops of rose-otto oil to 4 oz. of spring water. Keep the liquid refrigerated in a colored bottle with a spray top. Spritz your face to feel refreshed.
  • To relieve strained or puffy eyes, soak 2 gauze pads in rose water. Squeeze the pads gently. Lie down or sit comfortably with your head back. Rest the compresses on your eyelids for 20 mins.
  • For a therapeutic body oil, mix 2 drops of rose-otto oil, 2 drops of rosewood essential oil and 7 tbsp. of sweet almond oil; rub the mixture into your skin.