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Centaury (Centaurium erythraea)

Centaury is the flower remedy for those who have permitted themselves to be dominated by others. Such people tend to allow themselves to be easily exploited because they lack a strong sense of self. To win approval, these people also often neglect their own needs in order to please others. Centaury strengthens the will of such sensitive people and helps them to develop their weakened self esteem.

This dainty plant grows to a height of 2-14 in along roadsides and in dry meadows. The plain stalk has branches only on the upper third of its stem. The pinkish purple blossoms open in sunny weather from June to September. Because of its bitter taste, centaury has been called "gall of the earth". In Greek myth, the centaur Chiron applied it to his wounds.

Therapeutic effects
Centaury strengthens self esteem, helping one to recognize the value of her individuality. This allows people to interact with others with clarity and purpose rather than with weakness. Centaury is also an herbal strengthener, defending against infection. Its bitter components make it a useful digestive tonic; it increases stomach secretions and speeds up the breakdown of foods.

Recognizing the centaury personality
You might have a centaury personality if you prefer to give in rather than risk a quarrel with a stronger person or if you can't say no. do you try to fulfill every demand made by your family or your boss? Are you often overworked and tired because you don't pay attention to your own limits? Did you turn down your dream job because you were expected to take over the family business? Or do you hide your feelings in order not to disappoint others? All of these indicate a low self esteem.

Promoting self esteem
With each new task, ask yourself whether you truly want to do what has been asked of you. Consider whether the demand being made on you serves your best interests. Discuss the situation with someone you can trust. Try to realize that pleasing others while neglecting your own needs does not help either your own development or that of others.

Centaury for children
Children with centaury personalities are well behaved and always fulfilling the expectations of parents and teachers. They may be exploited by their playmates because, in their desire to please, they set no limits. They can quickly become scapegoats. It is believed that centaury will help them to stand up for themselves and make them aware of their own individuality

Extra Tip
If your body has been exhausted by long illness and your will has been weakened, centaury may help bring you new strength and vitality, reinforcing your resolve to regain your health.

Serve others from inner strength, be true to yourself

Wildflower Medley
A mixture of centaury and walnut flower essence can make a positive difference for anyone who is at a turning point in life - for example, in a new relationship or making a career change-but is unable to ignore the overpowering influence of others. Put 2 drops each of centaury and walnut flower essences in 1 oz. of springwater. Shake the mixture well and take it upto 4 times a day as needed.

Flower Power

Symptoms of imbalance

  • Ignoring personal life goals
  • Tendency to be exploited by others
  • Anxiety about being good natured
  • Loss of independent will
  • Adoption of others idiosyncrasies
  • Excessive helpfulness
  • Desperate need for praisea
  • Self sacrifice

Potential positive qualities

  • Increased self esteem
  • Pursuit of personal life goals
  • Increased ability to say no and set boundaries with others
  • Willingness to face inner truths
  • Courage to make necessary changes
  • Ability to serve without loss of identity
  • Healthy recognition of personal needs