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Rock Water
Rock Water (Spring Water)

Rock water is the only flower remedy that has no plant origin but consists of pure springwater-the basis of life for all animals and plants. The English physician and biologist Edward Bach discovered the great healing powers of springwater and applied them in his practice. Rock water is believed to offer people with perfectionist ideals based on rigid assumptions a new flexibility and adaptability, a new joy and openness.

Pure Springwater

The water must come from a healing spring or well that has remained untouched by humans, so that no contamination has disturbed the water's potency. These sources of rock water are springs at one time revered as sacred, such as that of Glastonbury, England.

Taking the remedy
Rock water is for people whose high ideals and strict discipline have made them fanatical. This floral essence allows them to take part in the joys of life again, and gives them greater mental and spiritual flexibility. Just as rock water alleviates stiff and rigid attitudes and behaviors; it is also thought to ease stiffness of the spinal column, muscular hardening and rheumatism.

The rock water temperament
In ethical and moral issues, you probably have very precise notions of right and wrong. Your life is carefully structured according to your ideals, and you do not allow any deviations from your own plans. In fact, you might impose all kinds of behavioral prohibitions on yourself an criticize yourself if anything prevents you from following your own strictures. You do everything to be in top shape physically and mentally; nevertheless, you experience a nagging dissatisfaction. You often notice that your perfectionism isolates you from your fellow human beings.

Supportive measures
Pay attention to your feelings, even if they do not fit your ideal notions. Allow yourself the small joys that are a matter of course for other people. Choose sports that do not impose fixed rules-for example, jogging or dancing. Remember that when you become more flexible and allow your emotions to flow more freely, you are on the road to tranquility.

Rock water for children
Rock water helps children who try with dogged determination to learn a new skill and in so doing completely overextend themselves. Parents who transfer all their ambition to their children often induce this state by demanding the highest performance levels from their children - in sports, the arts or schoolwork.

A little lore
In earlier times, natural springs were considered to be not only sacred sites of healing but symbols of fertility and renewal as well.

As running water smoothes a stone into a perfectly round pebble, I too flow with the course of my life, harmoniously and without rigidity

Remedy combination
A mixture of rock water and grapevine, this flower remedy can soften those who insist on imposing their strict views on others. For 1 oz. of springwater, add 2 drops of vine.

Flower power

Signs of an imbalanced state

  • Constant striving for perfection
  • Excessively strong self discipline
  • Self-reproach with the perception of having fallen short of ideals
  • Obsessive urge for development
  • Desire to be a saint on earth
  • Fanatical adherence to a given theory
  • Suppression of emotions

Signs of developed potential

  • Genuine enthusiasm for the joys of life
  • Openness to new insights
  • Freedom from rigid moral beliefs
  • Capacity to adopt ideals
  • Contentedness based on inner strength
  • Mental and spiritual flexibility

Signs of a balanced state

  • I am flexible and open to new experiences that come my way
  • I find my life to be full of excitement and rich opportunity
  • O flow with life's rhythms
  • I enjoy my leisure time