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Clematis (Clematis vitalba)

The type of people who can be helped by Clematis vitalba (also called traveler's joy) are those who tend to live in a dream world and take little interest in day-to-day events. Clematis types may be dissatisfied with life and have impractical ideals. Treatment with clematis can stimulate creative potential and thus encourage people to attempt to realize their dreams and become more focused.

Traveler's joy
This woody climbing vine can grow up to 30 ft. long. Each fragr4ant blossom is made up of 4 greenish-white sepals and innumerable feathery filaments turn silvery and thread-like in the fall, this type of clematis is sometimes referred to as "old-man's-beard."

Taking the remedy
Add a few drops of clematis-flower essence to a glass of spring water and sip the liquid throughout the day. Or, pour some of the clematis water into a small dropper bottle (a glass bottle is preferable). Put a few drops under your tougue several times a day.

The clematis temperament
If you are a clematis type, you may feel you're in a daze a lot of the time. Escapist activities, such as reading and watching television, become almost addictive. You often find yourself envisioning an ideal future, but you avoid confronting issues that occur in your daily life. You feel that your artistic itself because you are overburdened with your home and family responsibilities, or because you have chosen the wrong profession. Practical matters do not interest you are ill, you are rather quiet and do not take active steps to regain your health and well-being.

Supportive measures
Be aware that having a fertile imagination is a unique gift, but also remember that illusions leave you with a feeling of emptiness because they are a distortion of reality. Set goal that are within reach, and then decide how to achieve them. Down-to-earth hobbies, such as making pottery and gardening, can help you regain a sense of reality. Creative activities, such as painting, writing and sewing, can assist you in capitalizing on your creative potential.

Clematis for children
Children who need clematis usually sleep too much. They are often absentminded and subject to falls or may get stuck and tear their clothes. Clematis increases a child's attention span and promotes endurance and focus.

Extra tip : Clematis is helpful in alleviating post-partum depression. It also works to bring you back to reality when you feel as though you aren't here are watching a situation from outside yourself.

With my creative power I can realize my goals and carry out my tasks with joy.

Wildflower medley
A flower-essence mixture of clematis and honeysuckle is helpful to those who dwell in the past and indulge in wishful thinking. Add 2 drops of each essence to a bottle filling with 1oz. of nonsparkling spring water. Put a few drops under your tongue 4 or more times a day.

Flower power

Sign of clematis state

  • Indifference and daydreaming
  • Inattentiveness and absentmindedness
  • Drowsiness and need of sleep
  • Escape to a fantasy world
  • Poor memory
  • Tendency to faint
  • Impaired vision and hearing
  • Blocked creativity

Signs of transformation

  • Revived artistic creativity
  • Being grounded in reality
  • Idealism and energy
  • Renewed concentration and focus
  • Liveliness and cheerful openness
  • Realistic thinking and behavior 
  • Objectivity and clear thinking
  • bility to find solutions to problems