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Water Therapy

Several chronic diseases for which no cure has been found can be cured by a simple method called water therapy. Several diseases such as headaches, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, sinusitis, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, acidity, gastritis, constipation, irregular menstruation, etc., are cured by this therapy. Though it sounds incredible, it has been proved and is recommended by several doctors. However, individual results may vary.

How to Practice

The method of practicing water therapy is simple, easy, and inexpensive. Early in the morning before attending to any of the morning chores (as soon as you wake up), drink 5 glasses of water (1.25 litres) at a stretch. If you cannot drink them at a stretch, give a small break and then complete the drinking of water. However do not do any exercise before you finish drinking the rest of the water. For the next 45 minutes to 1 hours, do not consume anything. During the first few days of therapy, one may pass urine very frequently and some may even have loose motions/stools. But within a few days everything becomes normal and a relief from the symptoms of the disease will be seen. While practicing water therapy, always drink water 2 hours after meals and not before that.

Using Water for Curing Diseases

  • Sipping water slowly: Hot water when sipped slowly, cleans the stomach, relieves heartburn, acute indigestion, vomiting and cramps in the abdomen.
    Caution! Hot water is not recommended for those who suffer from ulcers in the abdomen.
  • Water and high blood pressure: Water taken sufficiently, can also delay the onset of high blood pressure. Drinking water, kept in a copper vessel overnight, drunk the next day is very helpful in bringing down the blood pressure.
  • Water and bladder infection: Bladder infection also benefits from forced drinking. This has been proved medically. The water flushes out bacteria and inflammatory debris from the bladder.
  • Hot water bath is ideal for Arthritis: Hot water has curative properties.

Water as Sedative - Cure for Sleeplessness

There is nothing in the world better for insomnia than a hot bath. A 15 minutes warm bath before going to bed will cure sleeplessness. It relaxes the blood vessels of the skin. It also soothes the nerve endings, helping to calm you down if you're feeling nervous. In fact, before the advent of tranquilizing drugs, natural baths were used with great success in calming agitated mental patients.

Always Remember

Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. Do not drink water only when you feel thirsty. Research has proved that when you feel thirsty, the thirst damages your body. Therefore, do not wait for a glass of water till you are thirsty. Keep taking water off and on to prevent the damage from lack of water consumption. Do not depend upon you thirst mechanism to drink water.